Why Do Homosexuals Like Homosexuals

Science tells us that the reason why we fall in love with someone is hormone. I love you because of love.

When I like the opposite sex, I get on the bus first and make up the tickets later.I didn’t know him at all until I established a relationship with him.Just looking from afar, touching shallowly.Appearance, figure, voice, and some similarities in personality, even for some utilitarian reasons, feel “Ah, I like him.”

The right people will attract each other.Then we get along. At first, it’s very sweet. Slowly, it loses its freshness, and the inappropriate places are exposed.So break up, at most entanglement for a period of time.

Looking back a long time later, I was always surprised: “I used to like him.”

It’s a cycle like this – unless you meet the right person, it’s not fun at all, and it’s getting more and more boring.

I give my heart to every relationship, but after all, I don’t know men very well. I never think I really know any of them.

The time I spent with them was so short that it took only a few hours a day to establish a relationship. It was a very small proportion of his life.

I don’t know many of his experiences, so I can’t understand many of his thoughts, and even find it difficult to accept, these things gradually turned into contradictions between me and him.

I don’t even know what they think when they say sweet words, “I’m almost done with this woman.” As long as they pretend well enough, I don’t know even when my heart is a joke to them. It scares me.

And they can not be together all the time, when I contentious, they are not around me, even in the side I do not want to explain the beginning and end of my emotions, I often feel very lonely.

Like homosexuality, but it is a matter of course.Two people together, for a long time, together, little things accumulated, to a certain day, suddenly feel, “ah,I like her.”

What do you like about her? I can’t tell. I like it everywhere.It’s not so general as appearance, voice and figure. I can tell all the details one by one.

When you pick off the contact lenses, you narrow one eye, your eyelids and silkworms interweave into beautiful waves, and your other eye is twinkling with sparkling light.

It’s a lovely nasal sound when you act like a spoiler. When you say something important, your voice suddenly falls low. It’s a wonderful magnetism.

That beautiful leg when wearing trousers in summer.

… …

I can’t tell you how good you are. Everywhere is good. The more I look, the more lovely you are.

As for personality, it is fit at first and lasts for a long time. Just like another self – growing in another environment, those different places are interesting and novel.

It’s very important that our relationship is based on mutual appreciation rather than sexual attraction. There’s not so much disguise from the beginning, and then there’s not much disguise in our relationship. We can say our joys, our sorrows and our sorrows directly — even if we don’t say them, the other party will understand.

How nice it would be for two people like this to be together forever. I’m not alone anymore.

And not everyone understands homosexual love.So, at the beginning of our relationship, we have the romance of “fighting the whole world hand in hand”.

Whether you like boys or girls, face your heart openly.