I’m Actually A Pansexual

Pansexuality is similar to bisexuality, but they are not the same.

Pansexual is similar to bisexuality. The difference between them is that bisexuality still has gender differences in the object of love, while pansexual does not emphasize the gender of the object of love. Pansexual a kind of sexual behavior or sexual orientation, which generates physical attraction or affection for all sexes. Pansexual also includes attraction to non-sexually recognized races, including males, females, females and hermaphrodites.

Self-appraisal considers that pan-sexual love is a sexual orientation and calls itself gender-blind. It is insignificant or irrelevant to think that gender and sex determine whether they will be attracted to others. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “pan-sexuality with no restrictive or inhibiting choices”. The concept of generality intentionally rejects the gender duality, and “the two sexes of the concept are indeed specific orientations”, for the generality of people who are open to uncertainty about strict male or female relationships. In short, bisexuality is aimed at men and women’s gender awareness, but pan-sexuality is not a concept of “human”, and bisexuality is also its target.

I am a general homosexual with specific sexual orientation. But it is impossible to name each specific name. It’s like serious bisexuality or bisexuality. So it’s still classified as pan-sexuality.

I accept a person with wide shoulders (like)/narrow shoulders, wide hips/narrow hips (not like), big feet/small feet, rigid facial lines/flexible facial lines, big eyes/small eyes, big nose (like)/small nose, big buttocks/flat buttocks, male (like)/female genitals (not like)/no genitals, chest/flat (especially like), tall/short/general, varicose veins/normal, female. Fat distribution/male fat distribution, male body mass/general/weak muscle level. Especially like massive abdominal muscles, axillary hair, leg hair and beard are unacceptable, too masculine face is unacceptable, especially like a neutral male face, followed by a neutral female face. It’s a good mix-up. (My sexual orientation is my ideal self, that is, my gender identity, but there are different versions of the branch. )

Although I mainly like masculine and feminine characteristics, I can not say that I do not like pure boys or girls, nor can I say that I like pure transgender or intersexual gender. Because my sexual orientation is aesthetically driven, not gender driven. In fact, no one’s sexual orientation is gender-driven. Sexual minorities are categorized only for descriptive or political purposes. And this classification doesn’t make sense to me.

Philosophically, I don’t care about gender (body), but I care about sex. I understand that the human body is a kind of design, although it is called art, but I think it lacks literariness and therefore lacks interest. But despite my evaluation of the human body, my sexual orientation is still based on human aesthetics. I can’t completely bypass my sexual impulse. In theory, I only love the brain, and intellectually I can accept the ugly body, but my sexual impulse does not like the ugly body, and most of me succumb to the sexual impulse.

I am a non-romantic, I think love is epochal, constructed by contemporary ethics, social conditions and literature and art. I am not indifferent, I share love with my confidant. I don’t think it’s necessary to do something romantic. I can do things that are not romantic but belong to my lover with my confidant. Marriage (no one can get married, you can fake marriage with me), go out to play (single can play with me), have sex (of course, I think it’s not necessary to come to me to solve the problem), have children (I have to help), anything. No love, no children. I’m not interested in the feeling of sweetness. But I do not refuse to marry, live together and share property. If it is a friend of iron, I will not “derail”. Actually, I don’t refuse love, I just refuse sugar coat and behavior rules outside.

So, the sexual orientation here is really sexual orientation, there is no romantic orientation. In short, I accept having sex with people with these characteristics. Beyond this scope, we need to make another aesthetic judgment.

But I don’t think it’s necessary to have sex since I don’t like it. Because making love is just making love. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it.

The core is not the sexual orientation factor of sexual attraction, I also have, the confidant priority is. Familiar people take precedence over strangers. The three viewpoints are similar, the literary and artistic viewpoints are similar, and the people with similar academic viewpoints are very fond of them.

But this does not involve the definition of pansexuality. The reason why sexual orientation is categorized by gender is that gender identity is easy to categorize and difficult to change, while the three concepts change from time to time. Maybe they are minorities, but they have no corresponding political standpoint. It’s all about pan-sexuality.