Love Girls More Than Boys

Unless I really like that boy,I prefer girls.

I think I’m bisexual, with long hair and shawls. I’m pretty, not to mention beautiful. I have been infatuated with three girls for a long time from junior high school to senior high school. When I was in junior high school, I only liked one boy, but I had a very ambiguous girl. But she later transferred to another continent because of her family’s work.

At the beginning of my senior year, a boy was sitting in front of me. I felt a little fond of the unusual sexuality of his broken hair around his neck. But later, because I thought he was not a good person, I stopped paying attention to him. (Although I sometimes asked him questions) There was a little friction. But he later sat behind me and once made fun of me. He thought my reaction was cute. He told me jokes and made me laugh every day. He often took me to play with him.

At that time, I really did not feel at all about him, but when I think about it, I feel very good. He will think of me first for anything. But at that time I liked another girl, so the girl’s affairs were much more priority than him. I didn’t care what he thought at that time. I just thought he would always be good to me. Then I made a mistake. I quarreled with him. It was my fault. After a week of cold war, I apologized to him voluntarily, but he still had a knot in his heart. He didn’t like me so much. I feel a little sad, I feel like him, clearly before no feeling, he shouldn’t be so good to me, I can’t give up, I think it’s over,so I put more thoughts on girls.

Since then, I have been secretly in love with that girl. After contact, I feel that this girl is not worth my love, so I have no secret love. Another girl kept staring at his face and listening to him when she asked him questions. I was a little jealous, but he didn’t respond to her, so I was poker-faced looking at the topic and listening to him.

After going to college, his behavior numbed me, and I didn’t like him at all. As for the girl, there was something wrong with her character. I really looked away at her then. Think about it carefully, I still like the girl I had a crush on in junior high school.

In fact, I have seen a girl in the place where I work, with long blond hair and beautiful laughter. I can’t hold myself. Every time I meet her, I always stares at her. She smiles at me most of the time, and then once she plays with me. (The specific situation is not to mention, it’s so complicated), her eyes are crooked and I feel happy at that time.

Having said so much, I just want to say that I love girls more, boys and what can be ignored under the premise that girls accept me, unless I really like that boy.