Advice for lgbt couples in love

Oppose all suggestions that do not recommend online love or heterosexual love.

Oppose all suggestions that do not recommend online love or heterosexual love

I want to know with my butt , if I can love in the same city , who will go to love in different places and online ? But for homosexuals , it’s really hard to find the right person in real life . Without a good social environment , it’s hard to meet a homosexual in life . That’s why there are so many homosexual dating app and so many online love and heterosexual love .

Back to the subject :

If you are talking about an online relationship or a long-distance relationship , please keep it up .

Now that you’re in love , it’s time to uninstall all the small software that should be uninstalled . It’s best to love wholeheartedly , break off your own thoughts , and also give each other a certain sense of security .

When it comes to security , homosexuals are mostly insecure because of their identity . So in love , we should give each other enough security . In addition to uninstalling software , you can take the initiative to talk to your partner about your whereabouts every day . When you go out to dinner and parties , you can tell your lover to eliminate unnecessary suspicions . Over time, a sense of security is established .

Must learn to trust and understand each other.You can be angry in life , but there must be a degree , to know that when the right time to stop , everyone is spoiled by their families grow up , everything requires your lover to listen to you , then you also think of yourself too important .Must understand more , communicate more, learn to trust each other , give each other a certain amount of time and space .

As for quarrel , quarrel is actually a typical process of collision and running-in of concepts . It can be done, but after quarrel , we must understand the reason of quarrel clearly and see how we can avoid and improve each other.For example , if you quarrel because your partner is lazy , can the lazy one learn to be diligent , and so on ? Understanding the internal causes of the quarrel and improving it can help to further develop the relationship . Otherwise , it is likely to break up with the quarrel .

Sex must be safe and wear condoms . It’s best to have an HIV test together , so that we can rest assured of each other .If your lover refuses to have HIV screening , or keeps making excuses to refuse it , or therefore says you don’t love him , you may need to redefine the person .

The sense of ritual is very important . Recently , I met a couple of gay friends who have been in love for ten years . After ten years , they still have a good relationship . Even if they have been in love for ten years, on Valentine’s Day , the two of them solemnly prepared gifts for each other . We can see their strong feelings in detail .

Two persons together for a long time , the feelings will indeed tend to be flat , the sense of ritual can be well adjusted . So those birthdays , anniversaries , the expression of love , the preparation of gifts , not necessarily precious , with the intention to let your lover feel your love , it is enough .

Economic independence is very important . Love is mutual, giving is mutual , good love must be inner balance .

About love: When you encounter love , love bravely , give , and work hard with each other , so that even if you finally break up for some reasons , you will not regret it , because you try your best .

The things you really regret in this world are often those that you could have fought for, but not fought for .

So if you want to love, go ahead and love . I hope you can meet someone who you love and loves you , and then go on forever .