What Can We Do for The Better Survival of LGBT Group

What we can do for this group to make it not surprising for everyone to see this group?

When I took a bath recently, I suddenly realized something.

As a straight man, I used to find homosexuality strange.

I can’t tell what’s wrong. I found many reasons for myself. I think they are very unnatural. I think they can’t breed offspring. I think organs are not used correctly. I think a lot, but I can’t persuade myself to reject such dating.

How to say, I don’t think they did anything wrong, there is no original sin.

Later, I thought, heterosexual can also not have children, more can not have children, it seems that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

Then I suddenly understood.

They are just different from us.

Because we are different, so we feel very strange, strangeness will produce a hidden fear, think how can the alien live in a society with me? They must be wrong. I’m right.

Now I want to understand, what is different from us? Everyone is human. How can I live like others?

Now I don’t think there’s anything wrong with homosexuals. Instead, I started to be curious and interested in them. I wondered what the world they saw was different from ours and what interesting experiences they had had that we hadn’t experienced.

I don’t know if I used to represent most people who were disgusted with homosexuality, but that’s my idea.

What can we do for the LGBT community?I think the best way to break this gap is to understand each other.

Singapore may be the best way to deal with the belief problem in the world, I guess, is probably due to the government’s contribution, because Singapore’s government housing must be mixed by all races, and racial segregation is strictly prohibited. As a result, you can see the Christian church next to the mosque everywhere.

Most heterosexual people who support homosexuality are because they have homosexual friends around them. If we think of homosexuality, we can only think of some abstract concepts, of course, we will feel very strange. And when we know someone who is gay, we think of him or her, so it’s not surprising.

When mutual understanding reaches a certain level, the gap will naturally disappear.

At least I hope so.