Should pure lesbian date with bisexual?

Pure lesbian do not date with bisexual best.

I believed that many lesbian had a love story with bisexual. My friend told me, lesbian don’t fall in love with bisexual. If you break up because of a man finally, it will be more painful than being split by a same-sex person. She thinks that lesbian and bisexual won’t be a good ending between the two. Years ago, maybe it was in the period of love. I just heard it in one ear and out the other. I always feel that although she had several boyfriends before, she would never return to a man because of me. Imagine how young and ignorant it is. Now I understand that you should never think how special you are and never expect the other person to change because of you.

We met at the university, in the same dormitory, and had a three-year love affair. During the three years we spent together, we had a good time every day. She is a funny bi. We participated in various parties, seminars and drinks together. When I am sad, she will accompany me to get drunk and listen to my story; when I am angry, she will join me in scolding the damn team members;When I’m happy, two people run in the street hand in hand, laughing, giving me a hug when I’m vulnerable, and all kinds of anniversary surprises are not absent.She even made me a nutritious breakfast for two months in a row.

Ultimately, because of the distance between time and space.And the difference in my perception as a student and as a working person, I’m still dumped.On the eve of her graduation, she met a boy of her age who wanted to work immediately, so I would be ruthlessly thrown away like garbage.So after more than a year, I still can’t get out of this feeling completely.

Recollections of previous voices, if it was pure lesbian, try not to be with bisexual, and now it really makes sense. Being snatched away by the opposite sex, think about her body not only by me, but also by men,when the picture is conceived in my mind, I only feel nausea and pain, and I feel that I am particularly cheap, which is more painful than being split by the same sex.And now I feel rejected and numb to love again, without any expectation and yearning.It also made me more exclusive of men.

I have experienced it personally, I can tell you.if you are pure lesbian, But you’re damned in love with a bisexual, what should you do.

Firstly, make sure your heart is strong enough to accept the impact of a man breaking up with you.

Then judge which side she prefers, if she prefers the male side,Then you have a high chance of being injured. At this time, I suggest you do not indulge in it.

Don’t imagine that she will change her side completely for me.That’s the nature. There’s no way to change it. There are some examples, but they are rare. If you’re all psychologically prepared, enjoy your relationship,at least keep good memories in your memory.

Of course, I sincerely wish you all the best.