Impressions of After Watching A Fantastic Woman

Another LGBT movie,But from this film, I see something different from the same-sex movies in the past.

The film, A Fantastic Woman,written by Chilean director Sebastian Lerio, tells the story of a couple of LGBT lovers.The protagonist is Marina (Daniela Vega), a transgender. Her boyfriend’s name is Orlando (Francisco Reyes).

Unlike other LGBT movies, it is because the story of this movie does not stop at the level of love and love.

There are no stories about their life experiences, their acquaintances, and their love stories.

The whole film did not last more than ten minutes together, but simply described the strong feelings of the two people.

Then, more than ten minutes into the film, the Orlando.


Many viewers were confused when they saw this.

Next, what?

What follows is the story of Marina’s struggle between insult and exclusion as a “woman” who is not accepted by her husband’s family.

Although in reality many countries have recognized homosexuality and legalized homosexuality.

But we have to admit that most people are still opposed to and excluded from homosexuality.

Marina and Orlando have a good relationship.

Orlando bought tickets secretly to take Marina on a trip to Iguazu Falls and lost the ticket.

He looked at Marina apologetically and asked for forgiveness. Marina answered softly:

” My pathetic grandfather. “

It’s sweet .

Although Orlando is over 20 years older than Marina, the relationship between them is much better than that between ordinary people.

However, most people only see their homosexuality, not their feelings.

After Orlando’s death, their relationship was “made public”.

As a result, more and more people are conflicting and suspicious about their relationship and Marina herself.

The first was Orlando’s attending doctor, who questioned their relationship carefully and remained skeptical.

Then she sneaked the police behind Marina’s back.

Next, the police also looked at Marina with colored glasses, and their eyes revealed their contempt for her transgender identity.

In other words, they don’t believe in a pure love relationship between a transgender person and an old man in her 20s.

Marina knows that later things are likely to be more painful for her than they are now.

Sure enough, the next day the people in the Moral Weathering and Minor Protection Section of the Judicial Bureau came to the door.

“Did he pay you?”

“You two love each other, not just sex?”

“Did he scold you?”

“He is old enough to be your father. Did you have any relationship before he became ill?”

Although the policeman pretended to be euphemistic on the surface, her problem was very direct and explicit.

Her problem is not only that it is so simple to invade Marina’s privacy, but that it has risen to the point of humiliation.

Marina used “We’re Partners” to answer her questions many times.

But it was clear that the latter did not believe what she said, and she had great disrespect for Marina.

She tricked Marina into having a physical examination, and if Marina did not obey, she continued to investigate the cause of Orlando’s death.

(Orlando fell down the stairs before he died, causing several injuries, but people do not believe that Orlando fell down the stairs.)

As a result, the doctor who examined Marina was not only a male, but also carefully observed Marina’s body when the doctor asked the police to avoid it.

For Marina, what she suffered was a great insult.

They did not treat him as a woman or a man, but as an alien.

If these outsiders don’t care about Marina’s feelings, they can do what they want.

The Orlando family’s approach, then, is to crush Marina to death.

Marina gets her first call, even if Orlando’s ex-wife calls.

She was asked directly for a car and a house.

Marina has been very polite in communicating with each other.

But when they met, Orlando’s ex-wife continued to speak ill of each other.” I think you and Orlando are acting perverted. I don’t know if you are a man or a woman. “

Orlando’s son is even more extravagant.

Not only did he enter Orlando and Marina’s house without permission, but he also scoffed and insulted Marina.

” I just want to figure out what you are. “

He suspected that Marina was responsible for his father’s death. Although the doctor issued a death certificate to the family of Orlando, his son still did not believe that Marina had nothing to do with his father’s death.

He did not conceal his dislike for Marina, and asked her to move out of her father’s house, threatening to drive her out:” Give me a definite date, or I’ll throw you out. “

Orlando’s family did not even allow Marina to attend his funeral.

They rejected Marina from the bottom of their hearts.

Marina’s relationship with Orlando has never been recognized by anyone.

And Marina never asked for anything from beginning to end. Orlando’s car, house and money, Marina never thought about taking possession of it.

All she wanted was an accredited identity.

It is this small request that has never been fulfilled.

In the second half of the film, Marina ignored the obstacles to Orlando’s funeral and was pushed out by Orlando’s ex-wife and son.

Moreover, Orlando’s son and his friends kidnapped and humiliated Marina.She was forcibly taken and taped around her head.

After Orlando’s death, Marina was subjected to all kinds of discrimination and torture that she should not have suffered, but Marina never did anything harmful to others.

She didn’t want to make a big deal of things. She didn’t want to get any so-called material things, so she didn’t make any unreasonable noise and did not make any excuses for them.

Marina chose tolerance.

Knowing Orlando’s death, she would secretly lie on the floor of the bathroom crying; in the face of unfair treatment, she chose to vent her resentment and anger by waving her fists against the air, burying her head deeply in the wardrobe and crying. She chose to seek spiritual comfort from her vocal music teacher and choose to drink in the bar to release pressure.

Marina has done nothing to hurt others.

Because she knows that she just wants to be an Orlando couple in front of people and at Orlando’s funeral.

She couldn’t understand that his ex-wife said Orlando was her lover, so she said the right thing:“ You don’t want to go to Orlando’s funeral. ”

But the lover before Orlando’s death was clearly Marina.

In the final analysis, Marina’s experiences are all due to one reason:

Everyone does not believe that there is a pure love relationship between an old man and a transgender person. Everyone is unwilling to care about the feelings of a transgender person.

What the director wants to tell us through A Fantastic Woman is such a story.

This story contains the naked reality that most homosexuals face.

Not understood, not blessed. Face contempt and exclusion every day.

Their emotional path will always be like Marina’s.

Go against the wind.