When did you fall in love with men?

At that moment, I fell in love with him

In the first class that afternoon, I turned around and gave him a sneaky look. Strangely, he wasn’t as energetic as usual, he didn’t talk to his classmates with a face of retarded laughter as usual, and he didn’t shake his head with headphones.

Instead, he lay flat on the table with his hands hanging down, his chin against the table, his eyes drooping and his mouth pouting. He looked like a drowsy rabbit.

Twenty minutes after class, I turned my head again to see that he was still in that position, but his right hand came up, grabbed the pen and scratched and pulled a few lines in the textbook from time to time.

“That’s not the case.” I thought, tearing half a sheet of paper from the back of my notebook, writing a note and writing a book, “Have you taken the wrong medicine?” Sign his name and leave it to the students in the back row.

Slowly, the note came to his desk, and he opened one eye for a moment, still lying there motionless.

After class, I went to his seat with curiosity. He was still lying there with his right hand hanging down.

I sat in the chair in front of him and leaned down and asked him, “Aren’t you the most sports fan? Let’s play football.”

He groaned a few times, frowned and twisted his body, still motionless.

I touched his forehead and it wasn’t hot. Then I asked him, “Are you sick?” He remained silent.

After a while, he complained loudly, “Why did you run so fast after school this noon?”

When he said that, it suddenly occurred to me that I had taken him home by bike at noon before, and then by bike back to my home.

I scratched my head: “Hey hey, I didn’t eat this morning. I was starving at the end of class, so I ran faster. I’m sorry, brother.”

He still refused to pay the bill and persevered: “Do you know something serious happened after I walked home alone this noon?”

“Ah? You were robbed? Robbery or robbery? Tell my brother, he’ll beat him for you.”


“What’s wrong with that?”

He finally lifted his head from the table, stared at me and said, “You don’t know that my legs are too short to walk slowly!” When I walk home, the sponge babies are all over!!! I’m so angry, ah!!!!!

“So you’re angry because you don’t see SpongeBob?”


I really couldn’t laugh and cry at that time. I really didn’t know what to say when I looked at his serious face.

I stood up, rubbed the broken hair on his head and said, “Come on, go to sports, the classroom is empty. Do you want to be punished for running around?”

I just wanted to turn around and he grabbed my hand from behind.

“Promise me not to let me go on my own in the future, will you?”

Well, that’s the moment.