Why do we support the LGBT community

Because freedom is the birthright of human beings.

I am male and my sexual orientation is female.

I support LGBT not because of sexual orientation, but because it is in my behalf. This behalf, accurately speaking, is the right of everyone to equality.

The extended meaning of the concept of equality for all is very complex. It contains many aspects of equality of rights, and the equality of individual rights in every aspect, in turn, we are a step closer to the overall equality.

What does LGBT represent? Simply put, the right to selective orientation is part of sexual rights. When it comes to sex, things in the crotch seem filthy, but in fact they are big things. First of all, everyone has this need, which is just needed. If anyone can criticize you with a moral stick and punish you economically and physically in public opinion, just because you are different from them, do you think you are equal to them?

Moreover, what is one reason why many people criticize lgbt? They couldn’t have children, and people subconsciously thought it was unnatural and disgusting. But why? Because children biologically involve the instinct of animal gene transmission, in human society involved a more important, often overwhelming animal factor – inheritance.

Who is the saddest when someone comes out? Often parents, I do not intend to criticize them, because in their concept of a very important point is that children have to raise a child. And the problem with this idea is that you see your descendants as your own possessions, not as an equal person. Now many LGBT groups are young people, maybe twenty or thirty years old, just entering the society, is the weakest economic ability. Once out of the cabinet, many parents are in a hurry to coerce with economic constraints. Unequal economic status is the root cause of inequality. Although parents’mood can be understood, it is not conducive to personal independence in essence.

In fact, what I said is very implicit. Engels described this family system as a form of slavery in The Origin of Family, Private Ownership and State.

In fact, it’s hard for me to say what kind of substantive support I have for LGBT group, that is, I may encounter such topics in my daily life and say a few words and understandings for them.

But let’s turn around and see what happens when we oppose them. I mean, like many people in society, we denounce them as disgusting. So for them, just because they have different sexual orientations, they will be subject to public opinion, economic and even physical sanctions. Isolation of public opinion alone is enough to kill people, not to mention that there is no way to live or even be lynched and abused by the onlookers. In fact, there are not a few victims in history. Do you really have the power to arbitrarily decide life and death?

So you can reject their choice, but at least you don’t want to hurt it just because of it.

And I believe that words are powerful. Today, I write this article. Even if only a few people see it, only one of them has some feelings. Next time I meet lgbt, I can decide not to hurt people. It can also reduce one injury.